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Dicta-Prosoft is an Independent specialist in Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Workflow Management Solutions, Dicta-Prosoft offers a tailored solution to individual users and corporate organisations throughout Ireland & the UK

Dicta-Prosoft is a Irish company and it's Ireland's most experienced provider of customised Voice Recognition, Digital Dictation and Digital Workflow Solutions.

Sometimes it is not sufficient to opt for the first product choice presented. Research and consideration is required when implementing any new system and at Dicta-Prosoft we aim to provide the guidance and support you need in selecting the best solution to match your need.

Dicta-Prosoft provide a tailored service which includes consultancy, training, system integration and post-sales support. Use our expertise and let us help you!

Advantages of Digital Dictation

Digital Dictation saves practices time and money with systems that can increase productivity by up to 40%. Coupled with Digital Dictation contributes towards reducing overheads and delivers advanced mobility to its users.
Here are Just some of the immediate benefits include:
  • Increased productivity by up to 40%
  • Reduced turnaround time of documents
  • Increased mobility and flexibility for those that dictate
  • Increased author to secretary ratios
  • No more lost, damaged or broken tapes
  • High quality recording resulting in much easier transcription
  • Central administration
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Future proof technology, developed using
  • The ability to send dictation files remotely

Save Time, Save Money, Go Digital

Customer Quotes:

David Murphy, Partner, Anderson & Murphy Solicitors, commented, "Digital Dictation is a requisite in the legal business. For our firm, adopting the hosted model makes economic sense. Not only is it the most cost-effective way of adopting this technology, but it also offers us the potential to scale its scope in line with future business requirements."
Peter Robertson, Blackwell & Forde Solicitors added, "As the legal sector slowly emerges from the recessionary economic conditions, whilst firms need to continue to carefully review expenditure, they also need to invest in technologies that will facilitate business efficiency to free up capacity and enable them to take advantage of new business opportunities. Dictation work-flow is one such tool. Practices are able to derive almost instantaneous return on investment and immediate productivity gains. We are seeing a definite trend towards its adoption, especially in growing practices."


Did you know that you can use your smartphone/tablet to compose and route dictations to support staff, while you are away from the office?

For more information email info@dictaprosoft.ie

Please visit the new YouTube Channel GrundigDictation, you'll find all of our films and tutorials on the subject of digital dictation. Are you interested in finding out more about how to operate the new Digta 7 Premium? Our videos will show you just how easy it is to turn out professional dictations with GBS products.